What’s Special About Barnwood?

Why Use Barnwood? 

There are several reasons professional woodcrafters use barnwood when making high quality furniture. Barnwood offers strength and stability, but the primary reason is the unrivaled originality and the beauty of barnwood. The aesthetic features of barnwood outshine all other woods because of its fully developed age. With barnwood, every stain, nail mark and scar tell a story far deeper than we know. This could be why it’s soothing to be surrounded by a warm, feeling that barnwood provides.

What Kind of Wood is Barnwood? 

Barns are definitely one of the most common resources for reclaimed wood in the United States. The term Barnwood can actually refer to any item that is made from wood that’s been sourced from old structures, like a home or a barn. Some people mistakenly think that barnwood is a color scheme, or a style of distressed furniture; it’s not!  Just remember, true barnwood is old and repurposed wood sourced from old barns & homes. Don’t believe those who tell you otherwise. The common varieties of wood used for barn construction are Oak, Elm, Pine, Hickory, and even Maple. Over the years, each type of wood provided different building qualities and characteristics, and today it makes for absolutely beautiful pieces of furniture.

Authentic Barnwood

Authentic Barnwood is one of a kind precisely because of its origin. Barns and homes we not built identically 100 years ago, and the wood used from these sources have their own unique beauty. If you checkout our Barnwood collection, you’ll see what we mean! Some of our furniture has a lot of saw marks and is very dark, while other pieces are lighter and smoother with few marks.  The beauty of Barnwood is that every piece is unique, and no one will have the exact furniture as you.

Watch Out for Imitations!

Reclaimed furniture has recently become more popular, and it is no surprise that many companies are trying to take advantage of that by making false claims or taking shortcuts. There are many companies out there who advertise their products as barnwood, but are actually selling a “barnwood style”, or a look. Be careful and do your research before purchasing a fake. Always look at the materials being used and consider the price point as well. Some companies want to call their products “Barnwood” because they may be using reclaimed wood but make their furniture out of old pallets or something similar. There is nothing wrong with purchasing furniture advertised as “reclaimed”, as long as you are aware that you’re not buying authentic Barnwood, and you will most likely get what you pay for!

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