Types of Furniture Styles

When it comes to decorating your home or office, it can be helpful to know what your “style” is.  Many people consider themselves to be either Modern, Contemporary or Traditional – but there is a lot of design styles that live between those classifications. Have you thought about your style? You may be naturally drawn to certain types of design styles, but where do you start? Our opinion is to begin with your furniture. As you know, furniture makes up a large percentage of a room, and it’s typically more permanent than the accessories. You can always repaint the room, or change window coverings and light fixtures, but most large pieces of furniture will stay with you for years – assuming that you buy quality furniture. In the case of a home office, for example, the whole room is usually based on the style of the desk. 

Here are a few examples of today’s most popular furniture styles:  


Farmhouse Style Furniture

Furniture designed in a farmhouse style includes a country look with a modern flair. This style of furniture applauds the romantic styles of years passed by the use of distressed wood. The graceful accents, neutral colors and the unique organic look have been increasingly appealing. Solid wood, and metals are used to build farmhouse furniture pieces. This style originated after the industrial revolution and has been growing in popularity since then.

Industrial Style Furniture

This style is influenced by the look of factories and warehouses. The industrial style furniture uses natural and salvaged woods, metals, and leather. This style communicates a very rugged look. The woods are usually varnished and use shades of black, and brown. Industrial style furniture proclaims a harsh, clean silhouette.

Rustic Style Furniture

The rustic style has been said to originate in England back in the late 19th century. It is designed by the use of natural materials such as solid wood, reclaimed wood, and leather. It uses natural methods like peeled bark, and metal brushwork. Rustic furniture is known for its muted tones, unfinished lines and organic textures.

Coastal Style Furniture

The coastal style gets its nautical inspiration from the sea. This furniture style creates a simple “vacation feel” to the decorated space by using cool tones such as white, blue, purple, and green. Lighter colored fabrics, wicker, cane, and reclaimed wood are the main materials that are used to make coastal furniture. This is a minimalistic style and creates a laid-back feeling.

Scandinavian Style Furniture

This furniture style became a favorite from the1930s to the1950s, and it’s certainly a popular option today. It is characterized by coziness, functionality, and minimalism. The furniture is made of natural wood and is practical in its form and function. The look is considered to be aesthetically pleasing, clutter-free, and has neutral tones with pops of color throughout.

Mid-Century Modern Style Furniture

This minimalist style has clean lines, subtle curves, and often incorporates hand-painted elements. The use of organic wood finishes, solid color upholstery, and very few accents add to the uniqueness of this furniture style. Pared-down geometric forms, contrasting textures, and medium to dark wood tones are predominant in Mid-Century Modern furniture style as well.

Transitional Style Furniture

The transitional furniture style is a blending of contemporary and traditional. It encompasses minimal decorations, simple color trends, and straight lines. Transitional furniture also uses glass surfaces, lacquered finishes, different fabric patterns, and fancy details. This type of furniture style is considered sophisticated, and simple at the same time.

Remember, the style of furniture is an important aspect to consider when decorating your home or office. There are several great furniture styles, and each one of them brings a different element to be considered. What furniture style appeals to you?

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