The Industrial Modern Design Trend

The creation of Industrial Modern Design was inspired by a combination of warehouses and industrial buildings; then as time went by, elements of churches and old barns as well. All these being transformed into open living spaces. Basically, the style includes weathered looking surfaces, raw materials, exposed bricks, and metal finishes. The Industrial modern  look is complemented by sustainable furniture and decor that uses vintage and reclaimed materials. These unpolished features can play into a picturesque interior decor, leading to a great style mix of rustic and industrial. Using a neutral color palette along with distressed and reclaimed materials, a rustic industrial style becomes very welcoming. And with sustainability and uniqueness being sought after today, this is also an interior style that can be recreated in any residential or commercial space – warehouse loft is not required.


Popular Design for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Open Concept

When thinking about industrial style, spacious interiors come to mind, therefore it makes sense to use an open floor plan. The property should be open and embrace its “rawness”. The interior design tends to be minimalist, which leaves room for adding contrasting elements such as rustic and/or vintage pieces.

Modern Details 

Sleek metals and brick walls are big components of the industrial modern style. One of the best rooms to create this look in is the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances mixed with industrial hardware is one way to incorporate the style.

Unique Lighting

High ceilings with dramatic lighting is another industrial trend. You’ll find that light globes are hung with wires, and  rough, rusty metals are being used in industrial modern designs. Pendant lighting is another way that can create a retro industrial look.

Wood & Metal

Another consideration that adds to the industrial design is to incorporate some lustrous metal finishes and rustic tones by using rich wood to contrast with the industrial features. Distressed, reclaimed wood furniture, cabinets on wheels, lanterns and fixtures with various metals for accents are all acceptable materials.

Industrial Modern Furniture

A perfect example of Industrial Modern furniture can be found at Deer Valley Woodworks. For example, the “Smith” industrial executive’s desk is loaded with details inspired from heavy industrial steel structures to create a industrial modern desk.  And the “Chloseph” industrial reclaimed end table is handmade from reclaimed barnwood with a Jacobean stain and a filled finish for a smooth table surface.

Tips for Creating a Industrial Modern Space


Use Reclaimed Wood Furniture

When selecting furniture for industrial interior design, the texture is extremely important. The best choice you can make is reclaimed/ distressed wood with visible marks and in some cases, even a rough touch. Remember, the color of your wooden pieces should not match perfectly. Non-matching pieces will bring in a variety of colors and add a relaxed feel.

Add Metal Accents

With industrial interior design, metal pieces may be used to bring in some black accents. In certain cases, black may not always be the first choice for metal, but there should be room to recolor the finish!  For example, polished metal may look sleek, whereas brushed metals will add to the rustic side of the interior.

Natural Palette & Textures

An essential part of industrial style interior design is a rich color palette that combines neutral browns with white and black. Begin by arranging different shades of tan and brown to make a comfortable space. Then, add some white elements to give the room a clean look. To finish the design, add some black accents to create contrast. Texture also plays an important role in the mix of an industrial interior. A distressed leather chair works well to add texture with multiple brown shades, while a simple white wall is a good backdrop. Then add smooth black metal accents to add character.

Open Up the Space

When considering an industrial style most people think about big urban lofts. The main feature of an urban loft is the open floor plan. This is something that you should try to recreate as much as you can.

Add Industrial Accessories 

Having accessories is a must!  It adds personality to all interior design styles, including industrial modern . Pillows, artwork, lamps, and other decorative pieces can work in your favor for several reasons. They help complete your color palette, as well as adding your own personal touch.

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