Seattle Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture

Seattle is home to so many beautifully handcrafted items to decorate your home. While the experimentation of social media influencers and pop-up stores are always fun to explore, sometimes you want a piece with more history and craftwork. That is when you should consider the rich blend of industrial metalwork with reclaimed burn furniture and reclaimed wood desks.

At Deer Valley Woodworks of Seattle, we leverage the natural beauty captured for generations all around us by integrating recycled natural reclaimed wood to create custom kid’s bookshelves, remote work desks, and stunning tables. Our goal is to preserve the generational gifts of working with our hands to create a reclaimed wood piece that will last for years in your living space.

Using reclaimed wood desks and furniture in your Seattle home is the wise, environmentally sustainable choice. It helps preserve these fantastic pieces by reducing the use of excessive watershed toxins, chemicals and adding to the waste from poor-quality knockoffs. We at Deer Valley Woodworks take great pride in preserving natural materials that showcase grains, and stains your friends, family, and guests will appreciate.

There are many homes and apartment complexes around Seattle that have become a bit too uniform. When you pick up an exceptionally crafted reclaimed piece of barn furniture, you experience something truly unique that adds character and personality to your living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining area, and bedroom. This elevates your home’s appeal or transforms your professional office space into a more eloquent and eco-friendly area.

Get started today by exploring the different reclaimed wood furniture options from our expert designers at Deer Valley Woodworks. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about bringing home one of these powerful pieces. Visit our storefront and select a new, transformative reclaimed barn wood furniture item that will be the center of attention in your living space.

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