Industrial modern large executive office desk with reclaimed white oak lumber desktop wrapped in an antiqued steel strapping and secured with authentic welded steel rivets, a bank of three drawers on one end and a shallow drawer and pair of doors at the other end, a center flip-down pullout keyboard tray, blackened metal panels and blackened welded steel frame.

Reclaimed Wood Goes Beyond Just a Design Trend

What is a Design Trend?

A trend is defined as a change or development  toward something new or different. Typical design trends don’t last more than a decade, and most will only last from three to five years. So, to say that reclaimed wood furniture is a design trend would be incorrect!  Reclaimed wood / Barnwood furniture goes way beyond a trend, it is timeless. The style of individual pieces of furniture may be “trendy” but furniture that is hand made from reclaimed barnwood (like furniture from Deer Valley Woodworks) will never go out of style. Here’s why:

  • The furniture is hand made, and each piece can be specialized.
  • No two pieces will ever be identical due to the nature of the work and materials.
  • Barnwood furniture’s sustainability – preventing the unnecessary cutting down of trees.
  • The aesthetic beauty of barnwood

When Did the Popularity of Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture Begin?

Surprisingly, the thought of using barn lumber to create beautiful furniture started becoming popular around 100 years ago, back in the 1920s.  Although art-deco was making a name for itself in that era, there was a longing for traditional wood crafted furniture as well. People living in traditionalist communities began making their own handcrafted furniture; it got the attention of the nation, and it has grown in popularity since then.

Though reclaimed wood furniture began back to the early twentieth century, the methods and styles have evolved over time, and has remained extremely popular today.  It has even captured the attention of top designers and architects who have been known to incorporate the design in commercial buildings, homes, offices, and even hospitality facilities around the world.

Reclaimed Wood’s Durability & Sustainability

Over the years, reclaimed wood has been a building material of choice by many professionals and has been sought after because it’s extreme durability. This is one of the reasons for this lasting trend; reclaimed wood not only delivers on its aesthetics, but also by its durability and sustainability. Modern designers and architects are looking to create buildings that contribute more to the planet than they take. By using reclaimed wood, an existing resource, it reduces the cutting down of more trees.

The Growing Expectation for High Quality

People are noticing the difference. The love of high-quality furniture has been on the rise as educated consumers realize that purchasing high quality is a smart decision. One reason for this is that higher quality furniture, like Deer Valley Woodworks makeswill save them money in the long run – even if the initial expense is higher. This is because the products last longer and won’t need to be replaced.

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