Reclaimed Wood Corner Desks for Chicago

Chicago is a bustling city, filled with constantly moving people and businesses of all kinds. It can be hard to stand out in a city so busy. Yet, it’s vastly important to make a lasting impression on others in modern society, whether you are a business just starting out or a top executive at an expansive company. To get continued business, people have to remember you. With reclaimed wood office desks from Deer Valley Woodworks, you can create a gorgeous aesthetic that will make people slow down, take you in, and not soon forget who you are.

The corner desks from Deer Valley Woodworks make an exceptionally beautiful and functional addition to any office space, whether in your home office or at work. Our distinctive designs transform any plain office into a space with personality and purpose. We have many different design styles, and each one has several customizable features to tailor your corner desk to meet your individual needs. From custom colors to storage solutions, we have it all. Deer Valley Woodworks will create the most unique, personalized office desk that will be practical and appealing in your Chicago workspace.


Quality Corner Desks That You Can Trust

When you buy from Deer Valley Woodworks, you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind, beautiful piece crafted by our dedicated team. Each piece is unique because every reclaimed barnwood corner desk is handmade by our woodworkers and metalworkers.  From the shaping to the fitting to the staining, our local team moves through every step with precision and care. Your reclaimed wood desk will be beautiful and durable, providing you with an office piece that will last for many years.

We have desks of many unique styles and configurations here at Deer Valley Woodworks. One of these elegant reclaimed wood corner desks is The “Stacy II”. The Stacy II is our unique barnwood corner desk that can be made to our original design or customized for your needs. The original plan features three framed drawers, cabinet storage, and two large modesty panels that span the perimeter of the corner desk. The Stacy II is made from local reclaimed barnwood to form the top surface, drawers, and privacy panels, and the legs are made of industrial welded steel. This piece is durable and practical, but it is also elegant and attractive. Handmade by our attentive team, this reclaimed wood corner desk will be the perfect addition to your Chicago office space.

Notable features of The Stacy II Barnwood Desk include:

  • Built with local reclaimed barnwood
  • Welded steel legs with an antique blackened finish
  • Modesty panels made from reclaimed wood for your comfort
  • Abundant storage, including three drawers and a cabinet
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Concealed power hub with a surge protector
  • Customizable sizing, color, pull-out keyboard tray, additional storage, and more

Besides The Stacy II, we have many other unique corner desk options for your Chicago home office or company office. Some of our office desks include modesty panels or mesh panels, and some have no panels around the perimeter. We have corner desk options with various storage solutions, including matching rolling carts, many different drawer configurations, cabinets, and more. You can even find a desk design with no drawers included. Overall, our office desk designs are versatile, practical, and attractive. With Deer Valley Woodworks, you will have a gorgeous desk that meets all of your Chicago office needs.


The Deer Valley Woodworks Guarantee

Our products are not only stable and chic, but our reclaimed wood desks are also environmentally-friendly and sustainable options for refurnishing your Chicago office space or home. We use reclaimed barnwood from farms local to the Chicago area, giving the wood a new purpose and creating a long-lasting piece of furniture that will be an elegant addition to any Chicago home or office. We believe in reducing our footprint on this Earth, so Deer Valley Woodworks strives to use recycled materials to create our barnwood corner desks. This helps to reduce landfill waste and prevent watershed toxins. Your new reclaimed wood corner desk will enhance the aesthetics of your home while helping preserve our Earth.

Because we use recycled barnwood for our products, your reclaimed wood corner desk is guaranteed to be unique. Each piece of reclaimed wood is different from the rest, and no cut of wood is the same. This means each board will have an individual appearance that will come together to create an exceptional barnwood corner desk for your Chicago office or home. The personality of your office space will emerge, welcoming your friends, family, and guests.

The office desks by Deer Valley Woodworks are guaranteed to be environmentally-friendly and unique – but they are also  incredibly durable and functional! Our skilled woodworkers and metalworkers are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of production, creating office desks that will last a lifetime. We use top-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship to build sustainable, unique, and functional reclaimed wood corner desks for your Chicago office space.


Make Your Office Unique With High-Quality Corner Desks

Reclaimed barnwood desks, including the Stacy II made by our team at Deer Valley Woodworks, are an excellent choice to create the perfect aesthetic for your home or office space. With each piece being unique, you will have an office that stands out from the rest! Browse our selection of reclaimed wood desks to find the best option for your Chicagoland location.