Extra Large Walnut End Grain Cutting Board

21″ x 18″ x 2″ Extra Large Walnut End Grain Cutting Board



This extra large walnut end grain cutting board is incredible!  The end-grain style is the ultimate wooden cutting board, created by using the ends of the lumber as the cutting surface, providing a very durable cutting board that is built to last decades.  The end grain design is also easier on your knives, so they won’t dull as easily.  This beautiful board would also make a great charcuterie board!

This cutting board features juice grooves, finger handles and slip free feet.  This cutting board is 2″ thick and measures 18 x 21.  Each cutting board is finished with butcher block oil to provide a safe food surface.  Lead times at time of purchase are estimations, please notify us immediately if you have specific deadline that must be maintained.