Custom Home Office Furniture

Did you know that millions of Americans work from home, either in a hybrid or full-time capacity? These numbers obviously increased due to the pandemic in 2020, and this is a trend that we don’t see changing in the future; especially since productivity seems to be up.

Several studies show that overall productivity while working from home is far better than working in an office setting. According to Apollo Technical working from home can increase performance from top professionals by 13%. Having a modern, professional environment is a tremendous help when working from home as well. This is especially true for executives who, for years, walked into their beautiful corner-office with high-end pieces of furniture surrounding them. It promoted a felling of importance and success. That same feeling can be attainable with quality custom made office furniture in your home office; the kind that Deer Valley Woodworks provides.

Building Your Custom Furniture

Just like all the furniture in your home, your home office should have beautiful, quality pieces that will suit your needs. And with the home office trend here to stay, you really want to make sure that your furniture can last you for years as well. That’s where we come in! Deer Valley Woodworks has a wide variety of reclaimed barn wood office furniture to fit your needs. Stylish and functional, our pieces accommodate a wide range of home environments. We have a variety of products ranging from large computer desks to smaller industrial pieces, bookshelves, storage cabinets and more. Whether you are a home-based entrepreneur or a company executive, selecting the right furniture can provide the right balance of professionalism and practicality while working from home.

Keep in mind, that when designing custom office furniture, it’s important that you take into consideration your needs, and how the space will be used. For example, if you need a custom-built desk, ask yourself if you will you be using the desk for paperwork or computer use. Will it be used in a corner, or is it the “main event” of the room? How much space do you need?  Our pieces can be built to order, so you tell us the size and materials you’d like. Our team of wood and metalworking professionals has the expertise and know-how to craft furniture that meets your needs.

If you need help deciding what will work best for you, please contact us – we can give you the guidance you need to design the perfect piece for your home office.

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