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Every home interior has its unique character, and owning a custom piece of furniture from reclaimed wood can only add to the ambiance. Many of our customers request custom-designed pieces to best reflect the ambiance and character of their home. We are always eager to meet our customers’ needs, and can easily design custom furniture from reclaimed wood to your specifications.

Not only can a custom piece of furniture from reclaimed wood provide a stylish look to a room, but it can also serve as a conversation starter for guests or clients. Deer Valley Woodworks takes pride in finding unique sources for materials, and using reclaimed and restored wood provides a great second use for previously used materials. Think of it as a way for you to get what you desire most from a piece of furniture. Every home or office has a distinctive feel, and we can assist you in designing and crafting a piece of restored wood furniture to best fit your needs.

Whether you’re seeking a specific piece for your living room, home office, kitchen, or bedroom, we encourage you to contact us about designing and building custom furniture. Our team of wood and metalworking professionals has the expertise and know-how to craft furniture that meets your needs.

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Superior Designed Furniture From Reclaimed Wood

Deer Valley Woodworks has a wide selection of well-crafted items that can easily accommodate your living space. Our team holds the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship when designing and building custom furniture from reclaimed wood, ensuring that our product provides the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment from our customers.

We proudly stand behind every product we make and we are honored to have you consider our products for your home or business. Contact us for more information about our custom-designed and built restored wood furniture.

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