How to Incorporate Industrial Modern Furniture into Your Home Décor

With the rise of industrialization in the 18th and 19th centuries, a new type of furniture emerged – industrial modern furniture. This style is characterized by its use of simple, clean lines, natural materials, and neutral colors.

Industrial modern furniture has a distinctly rustic feel that can add a unique touch to any home décor. If you are looking to incorporate this style into your home, here are a few tips to get you started!

What is industrial modern furniture?

Industrial modern furniture is a type of furniture that is constructed to resemble pieces from industrial factories. These items are designed to have a raw, vintage feel. They are usually made of reclaimed wood and steel, and often have a bare-metal look. This style of furniture is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique look and ability to provide a touch of industrial charm to any home.

The pieces of industrial modern furniture have a timeless quality that can complement any home’s décor. The furniture can be used to bring a rustic touch to a contemporary décor, add a unique style to a traditional home, or simply be a stand-alone statement piece.

Most pieces of industrial modern furniture are designed to be simple and functional. They are designed with a minimalist look which can help to reduce the look of clutter in a home. The use of organic materials such as wood and metal also help to ensure that the pieces age gracefully over time.

Industrial modern furniture and your home

Incorporating industrial modern furniture into your home décor is relatively easy to do. To make the process simpler, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your furniture:

  1. Choose pieces with a combination of wood and metal elements. This combination has a timeless and inviting aesthetic that won’t detract from the overall look of your home.
  1. Place pieces strategically to emphasize their industrial texture. For instance, putting an iron-framed modern coffee table in the center of the room will draw attention to the piece and add an industrial-style focal point.
  1. Balance the pieces with softer materials and accents like pillows and throws. Adding a few comfortable touches can help to add warmth to an industrial look.
  1. Include pieces of industrial modern furniture strategically throughout the home. Adding items to the living room, bedroom, and kitchen can help to provide an industrial touch without going overboard.

By following these tips, you can easily bring a unique and stylish industrial modern look to your home.

Industrial modern furniture in the living room

When it comes to living room design, industrial modern furniture can provide the perfect blend of warmth and style. There are several pieces that provide elegance and utility to any room. Here are five ways to incorporate industrial modern furniture into the living room:

  1. Coffee Table – Create a stunning focal point with a metal and wood coffee table. It will instantly add a modern touch and blend in nicely with the other furniture pieces.
  1. Accent Chairs – Upholstered chairs can bring a touch of comfort to the room. Choose from a variety of styles that will provide visual interest and texture.
  1. Storage Poufs – These poufs provide a modern look with utility. They can double as coffee tables and storage units. You can use them to store books, magazines, and other small items.
  1. Bar Cart – An industrial modern bar cart will instantly add a touch of style to the living room. It will also provide great storage for your wine, spirits, and barware.
  1. Lighting – The right lighting is an important element to setting the right atmosphere. Choose classic and vintage industrial lights for a warm and inviting living room.

Industrial modern furniture in the dining room

The dining room is a great place for the modern industrial look to shine! Here are six ways to incorporate industrial modern furniture into the dining room:

  1. Dining Table – A metal and wood dining table can be the centerpiece of your dining room. This style of table will lend a modern industrial feel to the room.
  1. Chairs – Look for chairs with industrial elements, such as exposed frames and raw materials. You can also opt for bench seating to maximize the space.
  1. Dining Bench – For a modern look, a metal and wood bench can provide extra seating without taking up too much space.
  1. Storage Containers – Use functional storage containers to store dishes and utensils. The containers should complement the industrial look of your dining room.
  1. Lighting – Install stylish industrial lighting to provide an ambient feel. Consider installing pendant lighting with exposed bulbs and raw-material finishes.
  1. Wall Art – Incorporate wall art with industrial elements. Choose prints with industrial structures or modern abstract pieces.

Industrial modern furniture in the bedroom

The simplest way to add industrial modern furniture to the bedroom is to incorporate a piece of furniture with a combination of metal and wood elements. An iron-framed bed can be a great option in providing a foundation for the room as well as adding a dash of industrial style.

When choosing furniture for the bedroom, it’s important to keep functionality in mind. Adding a nightstand with lots of storage can be a great way to keep bedroom clutter-free. You can find plenty of industrial modern nightstands that will fit your bedroom aesthetic.

For more warmth, add a few other pieces of industrial modern furniture that provide comfort and softness. An armchair or ottoman serves as a multi-functional piece that can be used for seating or additional storage. You can also incorporate a shaggy rug to soften up the look and add some texture and warmth to the space.

By following these tips on how to incorporate industrial modern furniture into the bedroom, you’ll be able to create a look that is unique and stylish.

To wrap things up

Once you have your industrial modern furniture in place, you will need to add the finishing touches to complete the look. Here are tips to help you wrap it all up:

  1. Use Neutral Colors – Choose neutral colors such as shades of gray, brown, and black to tie your industrial modern furniture together.
  1. Mix and Match Textures – Incorporate soft furnishings such as linens and plush throws to add warmth and texture to the hard lines of the furniture.
  1. Layer Rugs – Layer rugs in different sizes and colors to break up the space and give it a cozy feel.
  1. Add Plants – Houseplants are a great way to add life to your space. Choose plants that can survive in low-light and warm, dry environments.
  1. Look for Unique Accessories – Look for unique accessories such as industrial lighting, wall art and interesting bookshelves to add character and personality to the space.

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Custom Barnwood Furniture: Bringing Your Vision to Life

There is something very special about owning “one-of-a-kind” furniture. And when it comes to custom furniture that’s made from reclaimed barnwood, the possibilities for creating a unique, personalized piece are endless. Whether you’re looking for a rustic dining table, a cozy bed frame, or a statement piece for your living room, working with a custom barnwood furniture builder can help bring your vision to life!

The Process of Custom Barnwood Furniture


When working with a custom barnwood furniture builder, the process begins with an initial consultation to discuss your design ideas and preferences. This may include sharing photos or sketches of furniture you like, discussing the desired size and functionality, and choosing specific wood types and finishes.

Your furniture builder will then use their expertise to create a detailed design plan and provide you with a quote for the project. Once you have agreed on the design and the price, the builder will get to work crafting your custom furniture.

Benefits of Custom Barnwood Furniture


The benefits to investing in custom barnwood furniture:

  1. Unique Design
    With custom furniture, you have the freedom to design a piece that perfectly fits your style and needs. Whether you want a sleek modern design or a more rustic look, your furniture builder can create a one-of-a-kind piece that’s tailored to you!
  2. Sustainable Materials
    By using reclaimed barnwood, you’re giving new life to wood that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it also adds a unique character and history to your furniture.
  3. Quality Construction
    Custom furniture is often made with higher quality materials and construction methods than mass-produced pieces. Your furniture builder will use the best possible materials and techniques to create a piece that will last for years to come.
  4. Superior Craftsmanship
    When you hire a custom barnwood furniture builder, keep in mind that you’re supporting industry artisans and craftsmen. You can feel good knowing that your furniture was made with care and attention to detail by skilled professionals in the USA.

Custom barnwood furniture is a great choice for anyone looking to add a unique and personalized touch to their home. With the ability to create a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly fits your style and needs, as well as the sustainability and quality construction of using reclaimed barnwood, there are many benefits to working with a custom furniture builder. So why settle for generic, mass-produced furniture when you can create something truly special?

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Custom Home Office Furniture

Did you know that millions of Americans work from home, either in a hybrid or full-time capacity? These numbers obviously increased due to the pandemic in 2020, and this is a trend that we don’t see changing in the future; especially since productivity seems to be up.

Several studies show that overall productivity while working from home is far better than working in an office setting. According to Apollo Technical working from home can increase performance from top professionals by 13%. Having a modern, professional environment is a tremendous help when working from home as well. This is especially true for executives who, for years, walked into their beautiful corner-office with high-end pieces of furniture surrounding them. It promoted a felling of importance and success. That same feeling can be attainable with quality custom made office furniture in your home office; the kind that Deer Valley Woodworks provides.

Building Your Custom Furniture

Just like all the furniture in your home, your home office should have beautiful, quality pieces that will suit your needs. And with the home office trend here to stay, you really want to make sure that your furniture can last you for years as well. That’s where we come in! Deer Valley Woodworks has a wide variety of reclaimed barn wood office furniture to fit your needs. Stylish and functional, our pieces accommodate a wide range of home environments. We have a variety of products ranging from large computer desks to smaller industrial pieces, bookshelves, storage cabinets and more. Whether you are a home-based entrepreneur or a company executive, selecting the right furniture can provide the right balance of professionalism and practicality while working from home.

Keep in mind, that when designing custom office furniture, it’s important that you take into consideration your needs, and how the space will be used. For example, if you need a custom-built desk, ask yourself if you will you be using the desk for paperwork or computer use. Will it be used in a corner, or is it the “main event” of the room? How much space do you need?  Our pieces can be built to order, so you tell us the size and materials you’d like. Our team of wood and metalworking professionals has the expertise and know-how to craft furniture that meets your needs.

If you need help deciding what will work best for you, please contact us – we can give you the guidance you need to design the perfect piece for your home office.

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Custom Furniture: 5 Advantages Over Mass-Produced Pieces

Custom furniture offers a level of quality, artistry, and individuality that mass-produced pieces simply can’t match. When you purchase custom furniture, you’re investing in a quality furniture that will last for generations. Custom furniture is also an excellent way to support small businesses and artisans. By working with a high-quality furniture maker, you’re ensuring that your money is going back into your community.

To learn more about the advantages of custom furniture over mass-produced pieces, keep reading!

  1. Quality Custom furniture is made using high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship

High-end furniture-making is a skill learned from years of experience and driven by a learner’s passion for the craft.  It requires an intense knowledge of the many unusual characteristics of the various wood species and its relationships with other materials, along with mastering traditional joinery techniques not seen in mass produced items.  Mass produced furniture lacks the need for that exquisite skill because it’s a manufactured product that is made in high volume by high-capacity production equipment and then assembled with mechanical fasteners by general laborers.

Contrary to what many furniture stores proclaim, most of today’s furniture is imported from overseas; it contains inferior materials and ships “Assembly Required.”  It’s often referred to as “dorm furniture” because of it’s short lifespan.  Custom furniture is made by SKILLED artisans, who take the time to ensure that every detail is perfect, from the selection of the wood, the symmetry of all components, the intricate joinery that ensures longevity, to the final fit and finish of every last detail. This attention to detail ensures that custom furniture lasts longer than mass-produced pieces.  Top level handmade furniture is described as generational furniture, referring to it’s heirloom characteristics that spans into future generations.

  1. Artistry Custom furniture is a work of art

Every piece is designed with your unique vision in mind. Custom furniture makers have the skills to create pieces with intricate details, unique shapes, and beautiful finishes that simply cannot be replicated by large machinery.

  1. Individuality

Custom made furniture offers a level of individuality that mass-produced pieces just cannot match. For example, if you consider purchasing custom furniture from Deer Valley Woodworks, there is an eagerness to meet the customers’ needs. The designed custom furniture from reclaimed wood will be made to your specifications. This means that your piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and reflects your personal style.

  1. Sustainability

Custom furniture is made using sustainable materials (such as reclaimed wood) and techniques. Custom furniture makers often source their materials locally, reducing the carbon footprint of the piece. Additionally, because custom furniture is designed to last for generations, it reduces waste in the long run.

  1. Supporting Small Businesses Owners

When you work with a small, family-owned furniture maker, like Deer Valley Woodworks, you’re supporting a small business. This means that your money goes directly back into the local economy, helping to create jobs and support other artisans.

Overall, custom made furniture offers a level of quality, artistry, and individuality that simply cannot be matched by mass-produced pieces. By investing in custom furniture, you’re supporting local businesses and ensuring that your piece will last for generations to come.

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Types of Furniture Styles

When it comes to decorating your home or office, it can be helpful to know what your “style” is.  Many people consider themselves to be either Modern, Contemporary or Traditional – but there is a lot of design styles that live between those classifications. Have you thought about your style? You may be naturally drawn to certain types of design styles, but where do you start? Our opinion is to begin with your furniture. As you know, furniture makes up a large percentage of a room, and it’s typically more permanent than the accessories. You can always repaint the room, or change window coverings and light fixtures, but most large pieces of furniture will stay with you for years – assuming that you buy quality furniture. In the case of a home office, for example, the whole room is usually based on the style of the desk. 

Here are a few examples of today’s most popular furniture styles:  


Farmhouse Style Furniture

Furniture designed in a farmhouse style includes a country look with a modern flair. This style of furniture applauds the romantic styles of years passed by the use of distressed wood. The graceful accents, neutral colors and the unique organic look have been increasingly appealing. Solid wood, and metals are used to build farmhouse furniture pieces. This style originated after the industrial revolution and has been growing in popularity since then.

Industrial Style Furniture

This style is influenced by the look of factories and warehouses. The industrial style furniture uses natural and salvaged woods, metals, and leather. This style communicates a very rugged look. The woods are usually varnished and use shades of black, and brown. Industrial style furniture proclaims a harsh, clean silhouette.

Rustic Style Furniture

The rustic style has been said to originate in England back in the late 19th century. It is designed by the use of natural materials such as solid wood, reclaimed wood, and leather. It uses natural methods like peeled bark, and metal brushwork. Rustic furniture is known for its muted tones, unfinished lines and organic textures.

Coastal Style Furniture

The coastal style gets its nautical inspiration from the sea. This furniture style creates a simple “vacation feel” to the decorated space by using cool tones such as white, blue, purple, and green. Lighter colored fabrics, wicker, cane, and reclaimed wood are the main materials that are used to make coastal furniture. This is a minimalistic style and creates a laid-back feeling.

Scandinavian Style Furniture

This furniture style became a favorite from the1930s to the1950s, and it’s certainly a popular option today. It is characterized by coziness, functionality, and minimalism. The furniture is made of natural wood and is practical in its form and function. The look is considered to be aesthetically pleasing, clutter-free, and has neutral tones with pops of color throughout.

Mid-Century Modern Style Furniture

This minimalist style has clean lines, subtle curves, and often incorporates hand-painted elements. The use of organic wood finishes, solid color upholstery, and very few accents add to the uniqueness of this furniture style. Pared-down geometric forms, contrasting textures, and medium to dark wood tones are predominant in Mid-Century Modern furniture style as well.

Transitional Style Furniture

The transitional furniture style is a blending of contemporary and traditional. It encompasses minimal decorations, simple color trends, and straight lines. Transitional furniture also uses glass surfaces, lacquered finishes, different fabric patterns, and fancy details. This type of furniture style is considered sophisticated, and simple at the same time.

Remember, the style of furniture is an important aspect to consider when decorating your home or office. There are several great furniture styles, and each one of them brings a different element to be considered. What furniture style appeals to you?

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The Industrial Modern Design Trend

The creation of Industrial Modern Design was inspired by a combination of warehouses and industrial buildings; then as time went by, elements of churches and old barns as well. All these being transformed into open living spaces. Basically, the style includes weathered looking surfaces, raw materials, exposed bricks, and metal finishes. The Industrial modern  look is complemented by sustainable furniture and decor that uses vintage and reclaimed materials. These unpolished features can play into a picturesque interior decor, leading to a great style mix of rustic and industrial. Using a neutral color palette along with distressed and reclaimed materials, a rustic industrial style becomes very welcoming. And with sustainability and uniqueness being sought after today, this is also an interior style that can be recreated in any residential or commercial space – warehouse loft is not required.


Popular Design for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Open Concept

When thinking about industrial style, spacious interiors come to mind, therefore it makes sense to use an open floor plan. The property should be open and embrace its “rawness”. The interior design tends to be minimalist, which leaves room for adding contrasting elements such as rustic and/or vintage pieces.

Modern Details 

Sleek metals and brick walls are big components of the industrial modern style. One of the best rooms to create this look in is the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances mixed with industrial hardware is one way to incorporate the style.

Unique Lighting

High ceilings with dramatic lighting is another industrial trend. You’ll find that light globes are hung with wires, and  rough, rusty metals are being used in industrial modern designs. Pendant lighting is another way that can create a retro industrial look.

Wood & Metal

Another consideration that adds to the industrial design is to incorporate some lustrous metal finishes and rustic tones by using rich wood to contrast with the industrial features. Distressed, reclaimed wood furniture, cabinets on wheels, lanterns and fixtures with various metals for accents are all acceptable materials.

Industrial Modern Furniture

A perfect example of Industrial Modern furniture can be found at Deer Valley Woodworks. For example, the “Smith” industrial executive’s desk is loaded with details inspired from heavy industrial steel structures to create a industrial modern desk.  And the “Chloseph” industrial reclaimed end table is handmade from reclaimed barnwood with a Jacobean stain and a filled finish for a smooth table surface.

Tips for Creating a Industrial Modern Space


Use Reclaimed Wood Furniture

When selecting furniture for industrial interior design, the texture is extremely important. The best choice you can make is reclaimed/ distressed wood with visible marks and in some cases, even a rough touch. Remember, the color of your wooden pieces should not match perfectly. Non-matching pieces will bring in a variety of colors and add a relaxed feel.

Add Metal Accents

With industrial interior design, metal pieces may be used to bring in some black accents. In certain cases, black may not always be the first choice for metal, but there should be room to recolor the finish!  For example, polished metal may look sleek, whereas brushed metals will add to the rustic side of the interior.

Natural Palette & Textures

An essential part of industrial style interior design is a rich color palette that combines neutral browns with white and black. Begin by arranging different shades of tan and brown to make a comfortable space. Then, add some white elements to give the room a clean look. To finish the design, add some black accents to create contrast. Texture also plays an important role in the mix of an industrial interior. A distressed leather chair works well to add texture with multiple brown shades, while a simple white wall is a good backdrop. Then add smooth black metal accents to add character.

Open Up the Space

When considering an industrial style most people think about big urban lofts. The main feature of an urban loft is the open floor plan. This is something that you should try to recreate as much as you can.

Add Industrial Accessories 

Having accessories is a must!  It adds personality to all interior design styles, including industrial modern . Pillows, artwork, lamps, and other decorative pieces can work in your favor for several reasons. They help complete your color palette, as well as adding your own personal touch.

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Industrial modern large executive office desk with reclaimed white oak lumber desktop wrapped in an antiqued steel strapping and secured with authentic welded steel rivets, a bank of three drawers on one end and a shallow drawer and pair of doors at the other end, a center flip-down pullout keyboard tray, blackened metal panels and blackened welded steel frame.

Reclaimed Wood Goes Beyond Just a Design Trend

What is a Design Trend?

A trend is defined as a change or development  toward something new or different. Typical design trends don’t last more than a decade, and most will only last from three to five years. So, to say that reclaimed wood furniture is a design trend would be incorrect!  Reclaimed wood / Barnwood furniture goes way beyond a trend, it is timeless. The style of individual pieces of furniture may be “trendy” but furniture that is hand made from reclaimed barnwood (like furniture from Deer Valley Woodworks) will never go out of style. Here’s why:

  • The furniture is hand made, and each piece can be specialized.
  • No two pieces will ever be identical due to the nature of the work and materials.
  • Barnwood furniture’s sustainability – preventing the unnecessary cutting down of trees.
  • The aesthetic beauty of barnwood

When Did the Popularity of Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture Begin?

Surprisingly, the thought of using barn lumber to create beautiful furniture started becoming popular around 100 years ago, back in the 1920s.  Although art-deco was making a name for itself in that era, there was a longing for traditional wood crafted furniture as well. People living in traditionalist communities began making their own handcrafted furniture; it got the attention of the nation, and it has grown in popularity since then.

Though reclaimed wood furniture began back to the early twentieth century, the methods and styles have evolved over time, and has remained extremely popular today.  It has even captured the attention of top designers and architects who have been known to incorporate the design in commercial buildings, homes, offices, and even hospitality facilities around the world.

Reclaimed Wood’s Durability & Sustainability

Over the years, reclaimed wood has been a building material of choice by many professionals and has been sought after because it’s extreme durability. This is one of the reasons for this lasting trend; reclaimed wood not only delivers on its aesthetics, but also by its durability and sustainability. Modern designers and architects are looking to create buildings that contribute more to the planet than they take. By using reclaimed wood, an existing resource, it reduces the cutting down of more trees.

The Growing Expectation for High Quality

People are noticing the difference. The love of high-quality furniture has been on the rise as educated consumers realize that purchasing high quality is a smart decision. One reason for this is that higher quality furniture, like Deer Valley Woodworks makeswill save them money in the long run – even if the initial expense is higher. This is because the products last longer and won’t need to be replaced.

View our Gallery to see some of our custom-made Reclaimed Barnwood furniture pieces we have created for our customers!

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What’s Special About Barnwood?

Why Use Barnwood? 

There are several reasons professional woodcrafters use barnwood when making high quality furniture. Barnwood offers strength and stability, but the primary reason is the unrivaled originality and the beauty of barnwood. The aesthetic features of barnwood outshine all other woods because of its fully developed age. With barnwood, every stain, nail mark and scar tell a story far deeper than we know. This could be why it’s soothing to be surrounded by a warm, feeling that barnwood provides.

What Kind of Wood is Barnwood? 

Barns are definitely one of the most common resources for reclaimed wood in the United States. The term Barnwood can actually refer to any item that is made from wood that’s been sourced from old structures, like a home or a barn. Some people mistakenly think that barnwood is a color scheme, or a style of distressed furniture; it’s not!  Just remember, true barnwood is old and repurposed wood sourced from old barns & homes. Don’t believe those who tell you otherwise. The common varieties of wood used for barn construction are Oak, Elm, Pine, Hickory, and even Maple. Over the years, each type of wood provided different building qualities and characteristics, and today it makes for absolutely beautiful pieces of furniture.

Authentic Barnwood

Authentic Barnwood is one of a kind precisely because of its origin. Barns and homes we not built identically 100 years ago, and the wood used from these sources have their own unique beauty. If you checkout our Barnwood collection, you’ll see what we mean! Some of our furniture has a lot of saw marks and is very dark, while other pieces are lighter and smoother with few marks.  The beauty of Barnwood is that every piece is unique, and no one will have the exact furniture as you.

Watch Out for Imitations!

Reclaimed furniture has recently become more popular, and it is no surprise that many companies are trying to take advantage of that by making false claims or taking shortcuts. There are many companies out there who advertise their products as barnwood, but are actually selling a “barnwood style”, or a look. Be careful and do your research before purchasing a fake. Always look at the materials being used and consider the price point as well. Some companies want to call their products “Barnwood” because they may be using reclaimed wood but make their furniture out of old pallets or something similar. There is nothing wrong with purchasing furniture advertised as “reclaimed”, as long as you are aware that you’re not buying authentic Barnwood, and you will most likely get what you pay for!

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Reclaimed Wood Executive Desks for Chicago

Is your Chicago office space in need of an upgrade? Are you looking for a change in your Chicago home office? A reclaimed wood executive desk can boost the aesthetic value of your office while providing a sturdy surface to complete your work. We use the highest quality materials and skilled craftsmanship to build unique, attractive executive desks and other furniture that will give your home or office a memorable personality and welcoming atmosphere. Our chic barnwood desks would make a beautiful addition to your Chicagoland workspace.

Whether you are a writer working from home or a business executive on a top floor, we have the perfect desk solution for your needs. Our stylish desks combine distinctive designs with professional quality to create the optimal workspace for anyone. We have a variety of desk styles available, and many features are customizable to suit your individual needs. Whatever your office needs, Deer Valley Woodworks has the best solution that will be both practical and attractive in your space.


Executive Desks Built With Attention to Detail & The Highest Quality Materials

The Deer Valley Woodworks team takes pride in our handmade reclaimed barnwood desks. With our local woodworkers and metalworkers, each piece of elegant furniture is individually crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We ensure that each board of the reclaimed wood desk is shaped and placed perfectly to create gorgeous, durable pieces that will last in your Chicago office space for years and years to come.

We have many excellent office desk options, but let’s focus on a favorite: “The Alex.” The Alex Barnwood Desk is a beautifully handcrafted piece that features two regular drawers, two file drawers, and one centered lap drawer. It is made with an authentic old growth lumber top and welded steel legs. The Alex reclaimed wood desk is not only gorgeous, but it is also incredibly durable and practical, making an excellent work space that is built from the finest recycled materials.

Exceptional features of The Alex Barnwood Desk include:

  • Crafted from local reclaimed barnwood
  • Industrial welded steel legs with an antique blackened finish
  • Ample storage, including file drawers
  • Power hub with a surge protector
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Customizable sizing, color, pull-out keyboard tray, and more

Besides our featured office desk, The Alex, we have many executive desk designs. Our reclaimed wood desks feature electric sit-to-stand options, various storage solutions, and innumerable unique appearances! Not only is each desk individually crafted, but our executive desks are also customizable. You can send requests for customized features, and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs. Customizable features include the wood type, staining color, drawer styles, and more. Deer Valley Woodworks strives to make every desk unparalleled, exquisite, and perfectly tailored to our clients!


The Deer Valley Woodworks Promise

Today’s world is unfortunately riddled with waste. By using reclaimed barnwood to create your new executive desk, less landfill waste is generated and fewer contaminants pass into our earth and waterways. Reclaimed wood desks are a unique way to recycle the barnwood that is no longer useful on farms around Chicagoland. Our dedication to using reclaimed barnwood is an environmentally-friendly, sustainable way to enhance the appearance of your office while also taking steps to better this Earth for everyone.

Not only are reclaimed barnwood executive desks an excellent way to reuse materials, but they also guarantee a unique look for every home or office space. No piece of reclaimed wood looks exactly the same, and no cut will be identical to another. This means that you will have a one-of-a-kind, gorgeous piece of furniture to complement your Chicago office or home.

Deer Valley Woodworks office desks are not only visually attractive, but they are incredibly durable and long-lasting as well. Our team is experienced in and dedicated to quality craftsmanship. We make furniture that is meant to last. Your home or office desk will be sustainable, unique, and functional – providing you with quality furniture that will last a lifetime.


Build Your Perfect Office Space with a Premium Executive Desk

We have many executive desk options to create the unique, functional style you need in your Chicago home or office. You can browse our office desk inventory to find the perfect furniture for your needs. Whether you need a sit-to-stand desk, file storage, or any other personalization, we have the perfect desk for you.

Create the look you want in your home or office space today by exploring the reclaimed wood desks that we offer here at Deer Valley Woodworks, such as the elegant “Alex” Barnwood Exceutive Desk. You can have the unique, stylish barnwood desk that brings the personality of your office forward while providing a stable surface for you to work. Browse our selection of reclaimed wood desks now and give your Chicago home or office a makeover that you will love!

Reclaimed Wood Corner Desks for Chicago

Chicago is a bustling city, filled with constantly moving people and businesses of all kinds. It can be hard to stand out in a city so busy. Yet, it’s vastly important to make a lasting impression on others in modern society, whether you are a business just starting out or a top executive at an expansive company. To get continued business, people have to remember you. With reclaimed wood office desks from Deer Valley Woodworks, you can create a gorgeous aesthetic that will make people slow down, take you in, and not soon forget who you are.

The corner desks from Deer Valley Woodworks make an exceptionally beautiful and functional addition to any office space, whether in your home office or at work. Our distinctive designs transform any plain office into a space with personality and purpose. We have many different design styles, and each one has several customizable features to tailor your corner desk to meet your individual needs. From custom colors to storage solutions, we have it all. Deer Valley Woodworks will create the most unique, personalized office desk that will be practical and appealing in your Chicago workspace.


Quality Corner Desks That You Can Trust

When you buy from Deer Valley Woodworks, you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind, beautiful piece crafted by our dedicated team. Each piece is unique because every reclaimed barnwood corner desk is handmade by our woodworkers and metalworkers.  From the shaping to the fitting to the staining, our local team moves through every step with precision and care. Your reclaimed wood desk will be beautiful and durable, providing you with an office piece that will last for many years.

We have desks of many unique styles and configurations here at Deer Valley Woodworks. One of these elegant reclaimed wood corner desks is The “Stacy II”. The Stacy II is our unique barnwood corner desk that can be made to our original design or customized for your needs. The original plan features three framed drawers, cabinet storage, and two large modesty panels that span the perimeter of the corner desk. The Stacy II is made from local reclaimed barnwood to form the top surface, drawers, and privacy panels, and the legs are made of industrial welded steel. This piece is durable and practical, but it is also elegant and attractive. Handmade by our attentive team, this reclaimed wood corner desk will be the perfect addition to your Chicago office space.

Notable features of The Stacy II Barnwood Desk include:

  • Built with local reclaimed barnwood
  • Welded steel legs with an antique blackened finish
  • Modesty panels made from reclaimed wood for your comfort
  • Abundant storage, including three drawers and a cabinet
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Concealed power hub with a surge protector
  • Customizable sizing, color, pull-out keyboard tray, additional storage, and more

Besides The Stacy II, we have many other unique corner desk options for your Chicago home office or company office. Some of our office desks include modesty panels or mesh panels, and some have no panels around the perimeter. We have corner desk options with various storage solutions, including matching rolling carts, many different drawer configurations, cabinets, and more. You can even find a desk design with no drawers included. Overall, our office desk designs are versatile, practical, and attractive. With Deer Valley Woodworks, you will have a gorgeous desk that meets all of your Chicago office needs.


The Deer Valley Woodworks Guarantee

Our products are not only stable and chic, but our reclaimed wood desks are also environmentally-friendly and sustainable options for refurnishing your Chicago office space or home. We use reclaimed barnwood from farms local to the Chicago area, giving the wood a new purpose and creating a long-lasting piece of furniture that will be an elegant addition to any Chicago home or office. We believe in reducing our footprint on this Earth, so Deer Valley Woodworks strives to use recycled materials to create our barnwood corner desks. This helps to reduce landfill waste and prevent watershed toxins. Your new reclaimed wood corner desk will enhance the aesthetics of your home while helping preserve our Earth.

Because we use recycled barnwood for our products, your reclaimed wood corner desk is guaranteed to be unique. Each piece of reclaimed wood is different from the rest, and no cut of wood is the same. This means each board will have an individual appearance that will come together to create an exceptional barnwood corner desk for your Chicago office or home. The personality of your office space will emerge, welcoming your friends, family, and guests.

The office desks by Deer Valley Woodworks are guaranteed to be environmentally-friendly and unique – but they are also  incredibly durable and functional! Our skilled woodworkers and metalworkers are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of production, creating office desks that will last a lifetime. We use top-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship to build sustainable, unique, and functional reclaimed wood corner desks for your Chicago office space.


Make Your Office Unique With High-Quality Corner Desks

Reclaimed barnwood desks, including the Stacy II made by our team at Deer Valley Woodworks, are an excellent choice to create the perfect aesthetic for your home or office space. With each piece being unique, you will have an office that stands out from the rest! Browse our selection of reclaimed wood desks to find the best option for your Chicagoland location.