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Who We Are

Deer Valley Woodworks is a cherished family-owned enterprise dedicated to the creation of exceptional furniture, crafted with a focus on utilizing reclaimed barnwood and other historic materials. Our pieces often incorporate industrial elements, resulting in truly distinctive and exquisitely beautiful furniture.

Our barnwood is a precious resource, harvested from the storied barns that have graced the Midwest landscape for over a century. These iconic structures, which have endured the test of time in prairies and farmlands, eventually reach the twilight of their barn life, posing risks to their owners. Rather than allowing them to deteriorate or contribute to landfills, we undertake the painstaking process of deconstruction. One nail and one board at a time, we carefully dismantle these structures, honoring the unique qualities woven into this timeless material. This wood was originally milled by settlers from trees that stood generations before us, and we are dedicated to preserving its rich history.

The transformation of this early Americana resource into high-quality furniture and cabinetry, enhancing the beauty of our homes and workspaces, is a labor of love that we are genuinely passionate about. We take pride in what we do and wholeheartedly love every aspect of our craft.

Contact us today to explore how we can infuse our passion for craftsmanship into your project, creating pieces that celebrate the enduring spirit of history and the artistry of reclaimed materials.


As the owner of Deer Valley Woodworks, I find immense satisfaction in moments like this—welding together a steel frame for a cabinet front. It’s a welcome departure from the office, allowing me to return to the workbench where my passion truly thrives. With nearly three decades of experience in this industry, my love of the craft is still my motivation.  My favorite part of DVW and the highlight of my 30 year career has been working side-by-side with my kids; truly a family business.

My eldest, Gage, started with us in those early years and helped me grow the dream out of the garage and into a small business.  Nathan, came on full time during his Senior year in High School.  Working next to him these past few years, learning from each other, and seeing him grow into the Lead Welder position has been the one of greatest experiences in my life.  My daughter-in-law, Devon, joined us last year and is becoming a talented woodworker.  This year my daughter, Ashley, started as the Office Administrator.  Working with my kids truly has been an amazing blessing.

We also have some awesome team members that are part of the DVW family that contribute to our success every single day.  We wouldn’t be able to make any of this possible without the collective efforts of these talented craftsmen below.  Working with this group is the most fun I’ve had in my career!  I will forever appreciate these opportunities that our wonderful customers have given me.  Thank you!







Mike T.


Mike P.







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