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Specializing in furniture hand made from reclaimed barnwood, Deer Valley Woodworks makes the finest quality custom wood and metal furniture. We proudly stand behind every product we make and we are honored to have you consider our furniture hand made for your home or business. Thank you for your support as it enables all of my family the opportunity to continue living our dreams of working together.

Our Team

Gary Hulen

That’s me welding up a steel frame for a cabinet front.  I love getting away from the stresses of the office and building at the workbench.  I’ve been in this business for about 30 years and I still love it.  I learned most of what I know the hard way, which meant enduring a lot of painful mistakes before learning the right way.  But I’ve also had a few key influencers along the way.  My Dad isn’t from the trades, but he taught me respect, character, and integrity.  Countless life lessons came from Dad and I inherited his exhausting work ethics! 

I owe a lot of credit to two other influencers.  My father-in-law, Jerry introduced me to the trades and taught me a lot from installing vinyl siding, to painting and wood finishing.  Recently, my oldest son, Gage, was a huge influence!  He became a welder just out of high school, and eventually convinced me to trade sawdust for the arc.  I was immediately hooked!  Had it not been for Gage’s persistence in talking me into buying a welder, then Deer Valley simply wouldn’t exist.  Before starting DVW, I held various leadership roles with larger companies and got to work with some amazing people, which held some of my career highlights.  But at DVW, I have the greatest privilege a father could ask for and that’s working with both of my sons.  We truly learn from each other every day and it just doesn’t get any better than that.  Not many fathers have that opportunity and it’s the highlight of my career!

The greatest part of what we do at DVW is the gratification we feel when a customer LOVES their final product.  Furniture handmade, has a lot of craftsmanship’s pride that goes into every last detail.  When a customer truly appreciates our efforts and is blown away with their new furniture, that’s what makes this the greatest job in the world.  One of my priorities for our young business is ensuring that our customers AND employees know how much their effort and support is appreciated by my family every single day.  Without them, this dream would not be possible.  I am forever grateful.

Gage Hulen

Gage was originally our only metal fabricator and welder when we began fabricating from our garage shop.  He helped design and make many of our early pieces that became some of our most popular items sold.  When we first began the business, the wood shop was in our basement, so he had the joyous chore of carrying supplies, lumber, and finished product up & down the stairs, often multiple trips.  He wasn’t too thrilled to be volunteered for those early tasks, but he did it to help his dad. 

He’s still a welder at heart, but today Gage is pursuing his own passions in Biomedical Engineering and unfortunately, he’s not often available for shop work.  When those emergency situations arise, like completing State Farm’s reception desk before their grand opening, Gage is always willing to jump in and help make furniture hand made for our customers and the rest of the team.  

Mike T.

Mike T was our first non-family, full-time employee.  Mike’s primary contribution is doing the milling and glue-ups for all our desktops and countertops.  He’s become an expert nail puller and has discovered some cool finds in his nail-pulling expeditions, like removing and salvaging 28 shot pellets from an old barn beam.  Mike has truly perfected the art of salvaging old boards that many times don’t even look adequate for firewood, and then exploiting their unique character into gorgeous material for tops. 

Mike does a lot for DVW, and he does some of the less pleasant tasks like unloading lumber and cleaning out the dust collector.  On top of that, he is our expert bistro table maker and he also makes our most popular item, the repurposed railroad spike hall trees.  Mike’s contributions are greatly appreciated and we’d be lost without him.  When he’s not busy loading the clamp rack with new tops, Mike can be found in his home shop teaching his young grandson the finer skills of woodworking.  His leisure time is consumed with brewing wine, syrup, and soap, along with wine tasting road trips with his wife.  He also has a knack for scoping out Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for great used tool buys.


Jesus is our woodworking and finishing expert; he’s also a great personal friend of Gary’s for many years.  He has a home shop envied by many professional shops and he shares an unhealthy obsession of tools with Gary.  Between the two of them, they own almost every tool that has ever been made.  Jesus has worked with Gary for many years on side projects and in other companies.  Shortly after Gary moved DVW into the new facility, Jesus joined DVW fulltime and it was immediately a  game changer for the company.  Not only did the output of the shop double, but the quality and efficiency of the shop greatly improved.  Jesus is also a great teacher to our less-experienced personnel.

Because of his great cabinet-making skills, Jesus has become our primary vanity maker..  He meticulously makes all of the components come together in a flawless final piece of furniture hand made.  Building high-quality furniture from barnwood is not an easy task considering the barnwood is not flat, square, or lot of times it’s not even suitable for the project.  He artistically manipulates the size, shape, and color of the wood for a uniquely beautiful final piece.  When he’s not working hard for DVW, Jesus is working hard in his home shop on side projects and home renovations.  Like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps going and going and going.  On the rare occasion that he’s not working, he spends time with his family and grandson, with a second grandchild on the way.

Nathan Hulen

Nathan has been helping his dad in the shop since he was about 10 years old.  When his high school migrated to remote learning during COVID, he embraced an opportunity to join the team in an official role as Shop Apprentice where he did most of the sanding.  It became a full time position for him and he quickly catapulted from being the shop sander into more skilled and demanding roles.  He ran our finishing department for the majority of his first year and was responsible for the finish of nearly every piece that left our shop.  At only 17 years old, that was a huge responsibility that he handled exceptionally well.  

These days, Nathan is working at DVW through the Internship at Crown Point High School.  At work, he is now focused more on the wood fabrication side where he does the machining and sizing for most of our desktops, as well as some full project builds.  He’s earned the respect of his peers and learns from them every day.  In the future, he’d love to get more time welding and fabricating in the metal shop.  He saved every single paycheck from his first year at DVW to buy his first car, a blacked-out Chrysler 200.  When he’s not working in the shop or breezing through his schoolwork, Nathan is self-educating himself on real estate and investment trading.  He’s promised to take care of his Dad when he gets older; that’s a promise his Dad is looking forward to happening!


Dyanna has been a family friend and a coworker with Gary for several years.  Gary hoped that somehow DVW would create an opportunity for the two of them to reunite forces and work together again.  That opportunity came when Gary told her that he knew nothing about Facebook or Instagram and needed help growing his new business.  Fortunately, out of sympathy for Gary, she accepted the challenge and now manages all of our social media, including doing the weekly posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

On top of that, Dyanna also does a lot of our product imaging and the shop videos seen on Instagram each week.  And if that isn’t enough, she also bakes and brings in homemade sweets on video days-those are the shop guys’ favorite days!  Her coffee cake is the BEST!  Dyanna does a lot for Deer Valley Woodworks and we are beyond grateful for her!  On the rare occasion that she has spare time, you’ll find her on the back of a Harley enjoying the solitude of the road with her husband, Mike.  She’s also a huge animal lover, which means that she can’t turn down a pet in need so she has a houseful of animals.  If you visit her, the one to watch out for is Duke, she claims that he’s innocently playful, but he’s big enough to take down a grizzly bear.


Jake came on to the DVW team on our first workday of 2021 and completely changed the dynamics of our shop.  Until Jake arrived, all the metalwork was a shared task between Gary and the part-time help of Gage.  When Jake was hired, we hired a union welder to train Jake for his first two weeks, but less than fifteen minutes into his training, it was obvious that Jake didn’t need ANY training.  We sent the trainer home before the first coffee break, and Jake hit the ground running.  He started his fast pace from that moment on and he hasn’t slowed down yet.  He’s such a talented fabricator and welder, that Gary seldom gets the opportunity to help in the metal shop.  Jake is about twice as fast and he consistently lays the perfect weld bead day after day after day.  

When he’s not at the fab table, he’s loading and unloading trucks, making crates, building bookcases, and anything else that needs to get done.  Jake also created his own custom stain for us, called Jake’s Gray that we’ve used on a few bookshelves.  There’s simply no task he’s not willing to take on to help the company.  As good as he is at welding, Jake’s true talent is BBQ.  He spends his weekends smoking the best pulled pork sandwiches and baby back ribs you’ll ever eat.  We’ve heard that his driveway is a legendary hangout in his subdivision when that smoke filled BBQ aroma is in the air.  Jake is also a proud Grandpa of soon-to-be two grandkids.

Mike P.

Mike P has been in the industry most of his long career, almost forty years.  Most recently was the shop manager at a local architectural millwork company where he was responsible for all shop operations and production schedule.  His job pulled him away from the daily bench work and into the stresses of management.  At Deer Valley, Mike is at the bench everyday building our most popular items like our corner desks and executive desks.  Mike usually builds a couple desk every week on top of handling most shop-related tasks, like equipment maintenance and warehouse receiving.  Mike is a talented craftsman and he also wears several hats at DVW.  Mike’s claim to fame is that he currently holds the record for our most viewed Instagram reel.  Mike proclaims that his online popularity is all to do with his hair and good looks.  

Mike cares a lot about his job and the success of DVW, which shows in his work.  He is a strong member of our team, and an awesome guy to work with everyday, despite that he’s frequently robbing treasures from Gary’s toolbox.  He is passionate about woodworking and making furniture hand made, just right, but what excites Mike the most are donuts!!  Mike’s favorite way to chill out after a long week of making sawdust are weekend camping trips with his wife.


Matt is our lead finisher and responsible for the finishing of every product we produce.  It’s a meticulous, and time consuming process, and it’s also one of the most stressful roles in shop because we’re always on a tight schedule, which puts a lot of urgent demand on the finishing project.  Many times throughout the week, a cart of material is rolled into Matt and he’s asked if he can get it done before lunch so the fabricator can complete the assembly.  Some guys would roll their eyes and complain, but Matt just smiles and gets it done.  

Matt is used to the stress as he previously ran his own finishing shop where his team did a lot of finish work on doors, millworks, and other wood products. Bringing Matt’s experience into the DVW shop has had a big impact on shop productivity and turn-around times.  We are really excited to have Matt on our team!  When he isn’t working, he spends his time with his wife and being a great dad to his four kids.


In collaboration with Crown Point High School, Noah is our Shop Intern and is learning how to build furniture hand made in our shop while attending high school.  Jesus, Mike, and Nathan have been teaching him our unique process of prepping tops for finishing, which will soon become Noah’s primary responsibility in the shop.


Isaac came onboard as a part time employee in March of 2022.  Isaac has been a long time family friend and first started working with Gary in the very early stages of the business when Gary was working out of his garage.  Isaac would spend hours pulling nails out of barnwood.  Now Isaac helps in shipping & receiving and assists the fabricators when needed.  Isaac fits right in as part of the DVW team!

Isaac enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and working out when he is not at work.


Dave joined the DVW team as a full time employee in January of 2022.  Dave’s primary job is building, but you can also find him creating barnwood door fronts or in the shipping department helping with crating.

When Dave isn’t working he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and loves to go fishing.


Garrett joined the DVW team as a full time employee in November of 2022.  Garrett will be working with Mike T. milling and gluing up our desktops and countertops, as well as learning the fine art of nail pulling. 

Garrett’s is also a musician and when he isn’t working he enjoys playing his guitar!




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